WanderLust Satchel

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SIZE:Length: 5"  Width: 2" Height: 7"  

BRANGIO (Italy) Fashion Twinkle Star Satchel in Wanderlust series with the model number RZS8779. The backpack is adorned with a star-like floral print in a contrasting light tone, creating a twinkling star effect against the dark fabric. A notable feature is the decorative flower-shaped keychain attached to the zipper, which adds a stylish and feminine touch to the design. The backpack's hardware, including the zipper pulls and the logo plaque, is in a gold finish, which complements the overall color scheme and adds a sense of luxury. The design is both practical and fashionable, suited for casual outings where both style and convenience are desired.  

The convenient front pocket for easy access. The security rear pocket for safety and extra storage.  Main pocket has great inside pockets for phone, change, wallet and many more. The ADJUSTABLE shoulder straps for all size carrying. 

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